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          My name is Ben Hodson and I am a portrait photographer specializing in location portrait shoots of individuals and groups. I like to take pictures in intresting dynamic loactions that have meaning to the subjects.

          I have traveled extensively and done shoots in Prague, Malta, Barcelona, Egypt and right here in the Boston area. You can check out my gallery site to see some travel and landscape photography which is availible for purchase. I also work with up and coming models doing time for print work when things are slow. Doing this I have helped models build a portfolio and get signed with agencies.

          My photography work is done as a passionate outlet and not as a main source of income. As such I do my shoots evenings and weekends. It is important to me to meet with my subjects before the shoot to get a feel for what they want and to establish a comfort level that will make the shoot go smoother. A relaxed at ease subject makes a much better picture.

          I am located in Medford Ma and am willing to travel resonable distances to do a shoot. I can be reached by email or my cell phone located at the upper right of this page. Hope to hear from you soon.